What we do.

We work with you, Not for you

Advisory Service

Being an organisation founded by an entrepreneur who understands what it takes to run a business with unparalleled insight into finance, we advise companies on corporate governance, funding and tax solutions.

Fund Raising

We serve as an intermediary between project finances and projects to raise funds in equity or debt or a hybrid to fund projects and companies

Project Management

Execution of projects is one of the critical aspects in any transaction and often times, milestones and missed deliverables can cost the project. We work as project managers where companies are raising capital or restructuring or a combination of the two.

How we do it

Research & Publication.

Acceleration and Mentorship

We provide a service where businesses can accelerate or be mentored through us either as part of the company’s fundraising or by fundraising done with a third party. Mentorship and business coaching is integral to the success of any business and we pride ourselves in excelling in rendering these services.

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